About us

All my life I have been interested in railways and a good cup of something hot, but after many years of searching I’ve failed to find a good railway themed mug anywhere – all the mug illustrations seemed to be done by people told to do a mug with ‘trains’ on, but who actually know very little about how a locomotive should look.

Born out of this frustration we set up RailwayMugs.com to develop good mugs with good illustrations that look and feel right. I’m particularly pleased that we’ve been able to work with renowned artist Jonathan Clay as his locomotive portraits are just perfect for our vision.

To produce each mug takes a lot of skill and effort by many people – click here to find out more

Each year we will also be donating a percentage of our sales to a heritage line in the UK – there are 230 lines throughout the country mainly staffed by volunteers who do a marvellous job in maintaining these wonderful lines, but which also make a major contribution to the local and national economy as a whole.

We hope you enjoy our mugs as much as we have in creating them.Duchess of Hamilton by Jonathan Clay

Warm regards,

Managing Director, Transport Mugs Limited